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85 pennies for his thoughts

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This is why Chad Johnson is a clown. My friends always ask me, how can you like T.O. and dislike Chad Johnson. Chad Johnson spent the whole off season talking about how dead serious he was that he was not going to play in Cincinnati anymore, and just as the pre-season is opening up, where is he? All over t.v. smiling like a Sambo telling everybody how happy he is. The basic idea is, Chad Johnson is weak of character, and has no backbone; he also just does things for attention.

Everyone knew that there was no chance that Johnson would a) not hold out, and b) show up on time to get into camp. He’s a joke, he’s not about anything, other than attention. Plain and simple, Chad Johnson is an attention whore. He wasn’t really unhappy, he just thought that people would take him seriously enough to listen to him, and when the organization flexed its muscle, he tucked his tail between his legs like a he-bitch and returned to the foot of the master.

The thing with Ownes is, he only causes disruptions when he’s truly unhappy, and most importantly, he deals with the consequences. When he was raising his whole stink about how little he was being paid over the middle part of his contract, the team threatened to shut him down for the season, but T.O. didn’t waiver. The Eagles shut Owens down, he took it to arbitration, and eventually won his release. You knew Chad Johnson would never take it to that, he’s just a loud talking court jester, who is genuinely afraid of management, and when all is said and done, will do whatever management tells him to do.

Chad Johnson doesn’t know what he wants other than for everyone to love him. He talks this whole game about he was “talking out of frustration and tired of losing.” My thing is, first of all, that’s bullshit. Johnson wasn’t tired of losing, he was tired of making less than $2.5M year, when he thought he was worth more. Fueling all of this was Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, and Terrell Owens all being handed monstrous deals. If the Bengals had re-upped Johnson’s deal for much more money, he would have been smiling like the buffoon that he is.

So he can try to run this game on everyone that he only cares about winning, but that’s not at all true. Johnson cares about getting his money, and everyone slurping him and telling him how much they love him and need him. And this media stunt was just a ploy to get the Bengals to beg and plead with him, but the break out of Houshamazillah and the potential return of Henry let Johnson know that he’s not as important as he thinks he is.


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August 14, 2008 at 9:39 pm

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my fave five: wide receivers

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You know the routine:

1. Randy Moss – Seen below doing his best gynecologist. If this was a list for most complete or most physically imposing, he wouldn’t be number one, but it’s not, and he is. Randy reeled in 23 touchdown passes last year, needless to say (but I will anyway) tops in the league. I hate to say I told you so, but I was sitting on my couch (quelle surprise) a little earlier than this time last year laughing at all the talking heads question whether Randy still had “it.” Well two weeks later Randy clocked a 4.25 in a forty yard dash during a personal workout in Florida; and I’m fairly certain it was non-wind aided. If you have the attention span (and intestinal fortitude) to keep reading my shit as time goes on, you’ll no-doubt “hear” me say that forty times for receivers aren’t everything. Well what I mean is forty times aren’t everything unless you’re talking about Randy Moss. Why? Because Randy is the only receiver I’ve ever seen who plays the game THE EXACT SAME WAY all of us did as kids; no hitches, no slants, no outs. Just you blowing by the guy in front of you and hauling in the big fish. The Patriots still play in the worst division in football, so I don’t really anticipate any sort of problem for Randissimo, and with Tom Brady pulling the trigger, this isn’t fish in a barrel, it’s Long John Silver’s…Y’arrr, Genius!

2. Terrell El Dorado Owens – Please understand that this is not a homer pick. I definitely believe that Owens is the second best receiver in the league. Over the last two years nobody can touch his kind of production; about 2,600 yards and 28 touchdowns. “Oh but what about the drops?!” Well, in case you forgot, TO has never had the best hands, he wasn’t just crying because he made the game winning catch, if you remember he had 6 or 7 drops in that game to that point. So all you people who LOVE to bring up his drops as if it’s the most original idea need to cool it. We won’t even go into the fact that two years ago (when he dropped 3 touchdown passes alone) that he had a torn ligament in his ring finger…oh and by the way, he still lead the league in touchdown receptions. So if I’m a T.O. hater, I’m not exactly bagging on his hands, because chances are, he’s already better than whoever your favorite receiver is. So yes, he drops “a ton” (1 drop per game, during his worst drop season two years ago) of balls, but clearly the ones he does catch, he does big, big things with; as evidenced by his 16.7 yard average (Moss was 15.2, Chad Johnson was 15.5).

3. Reggie Wayne – Yeah. I really enjoyed seeing Reggie Wayne assert himself last year. For quite some time, people (myself included) just looked at Wayne as a felicitous beneficiary of having Marvin Harrison on the other side. Well, not so much anymore. Though he doesn’t have the pure speed of Moss, or the power of Owens, Wayne is a great blend of the two. In his first season with no Harrison on the other side to garner the double coverage, what did Wayne do? Go out and lead the league in receiving yards with over 1,500. What about Chad Johnson? I hear you, but Johnson has always had the benefit of Houshmanzadeh on the other side (whom I think we’ve all seen is much better than we thought) and last year we saw what Wayne could do on his own. Not to mention, for a little while there, Johnson had Chris Henry as well. The other reason I put Reggie Wayne right here is his consistency. We all saw Moss get shut down in some games last year, but if you really think about it, you don’t ever really see that happen with Reggie Wayne. Wayne goes out week in and week out and produces, whether he’s the no.1 or the no.2 and whether or not he’s got adequate help on the other side.

4. Chad Johnson – I’m really starting to believe that old adage, “A lie told often enough, becomes the truth.” Chad Johnson really has people convinced, that he is just the most complete, dominant receiver in the game right now. It is in the same vein as Li’l Wayne repeating over, and over, and over again that he’s the “best rapper alive.” I mean they’re good, but they’re not the best. Chad Johnson talks a HUGE game for a receiver who has pulled down 10 or more touchdown passes exactly ONCE in his career (and that was back in 2003 when he had his career high of…well…10). Just to put it in perspective, Houshmanzadeh pulled in 12 touchdown passes last year, his career high. Houshmanzadeh had a breakout season last year (112 catches, 1,100 yards and 12 touchdowns), and I’m convinced it’s because the Bengals focused on him and not Chad. I’m not going to say that Houshmanzadeh didn’t benefit from having Johnson on the other side, but what I am saying is, who’s to say that had the roles not been reversed (as in had Johnson not come in as the higher draft pick) that Houshmanzadeh couldn’t have been stringing together monster years? What Chad Johnson does give you is a lot of yardage. He’s a high volume guy; a lot of catches, a lot of yards, but the touchdown production is just not commensurate with all the talk. Johnson and Reggie Wayne have both been in the league the same number of years and I’m fairly certain Johnson only has 2 more touchdown catches than Reggie Wayne who had to play second fiddle to Marvin Harrison until last season, when he had over 100 catches, over 1,500 yards and 10 touchdowns (by the way, Wayne’s career high is 12 touchdown receptions in 2004). So Chad Johnson is good, but he needs to calm down, because to put himself out there as if he’s the biggest game-breaker suiting up right now is laughable. However, I do think he will get his balls together and re-establish himself as a premiere receiver in the league next year; especially given the fact that Houshmanzadeh has been coming into his own as of late, and Chad doesn’t want to be outdone.

5. Marques Colston – I REALLY, REALLY wanted to put Braylon Edwards here, and with the kind of year he had last season, I probably would have been justified. However, given that monstrous year, as well as the fact that he will continue to be the no.1 for Cleveland, means he’s probably going to see much tighter coverage. Marques Colston, on the other hand had a huge season for a rookie; 70 catches, 1,000 yards, and 8 touchdowns in only 14 games. Colston put the league on notice with his rookie campaign, the league got ready last season, and Colston punched it in the mouth even harder, to the tune of 98 catches, 1,200 yards and 11 touchdowns. Colston is simply unreal. Armed with one of the league’s most brilliant offensive minds in Sean Payton, the possibilities for Colston are limitless. He’s a huge body, who covers all kinds of ground for his size, and I think people lost sight of him because of the sub-par season the Saints had last year. Last season also showed that Colston is the real deal, too often, guys have a breakout season, then when they have to deal with being the focus of coordinators, they fold. Colston has shown that he’s deserving of every accolade he gets. New Orleans better get smart and give him his money this season because all signs point to him being an indominable force for quite some time to come.

Honorable Mention: Braylon “B Easy” Edwards. As I stated earlier, I wanted him at no. 5, but it came down to the fact that I trust Sean Payton’s offensive genius more than whoever runs the Browns’ offense, as well as the fact that last year was Braylon’s first big year, if he can come back and do it again next season, then I will probably move him ahead of Colston simply because of his ability to make the circus catch, as well as his game-changing speed.

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July 11, 2008 at 1:12 pm

wouldn’t have it any other way

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“I would rather have Tony Romo quaterbacking the Dallas Cowboys than any other quarterback in the league right now.” – Me circa two seasons ago.

That quote got me looked at like I had just said the road to the Super Bowl goes through Oakland. But I’m serious, like botched field goal hold to end your post-season serious. I got the usual suspects thrown at me; Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer, and yes, even Brett Favre. Responses like this let me know two things; a) casual fans pay far too much attention to talking heads and b) they LOVE to hear what they want to hear.

Yes, Brady has the rings, Manning has the pedigree, Palmer is next in that line of great signal callers and Favre just gets lauded relentlessly for being an alcoholic, addicted to Codeine, being wildly inconsistent (but the media calls that a “gunslinger” mentality) oh that’s right, and winning a Super Bowl over a decade ago. Yes, I understand Favre was great back in the day, but I’ll dismiss the idea of him over Romo right away as completely and utterly risible. Why? Favre has thrown 62 interceptions in the last three seasons. Yes. 62. And I don’t want to hear that it’s not his fault. 62 interceptions in three seasons is ALWAYS your fault as a quarterback. Every other quarterback seems to get held to a higher standard than Brett Favre, because we all know NOBODY else would get away with throwing 62 picks in three seasons. Just to give you an idea, the illustrious triumvirate of Greise, Grossman and Orton has thrown 65 over the last 3 seasons. Yeah, he’s been that great.

But Favre is the worst (right now) on the aforementioned list. So how do I defend Romo? That is really quite simple, the Dallas offensive line, is truly just that; offensive. I know we added big Leonard Davis, but don’t forget he’s playing guard, not tackle. Don’t forget, this is the Dallas offensive line that was so bad that Witten, one of the best TE in the league HAD to be kept in to block when Drew Bledsoe was back there. That is because Drew Bledsoe is what Manning, Palmer, and his successor Brady all are; a pure pocket passer. Guys who would get absolutely punished playing behind Dallas’ offensive line.

Enter “Pretty” Ton’. What most people don’t get about Romo, is that he is one of the most athletic, instinctive quarterbacks in the game. I mean don’t forget he shat on Michael “The Playmaker” Irvin in a game of one on one. The more ignorant of you would say, that doesn’t mean a thing, but those of you who know; a) the kind of athlete Irvin is/was and b) the size of his ego, know that fact that he would admit this on national television means it was really something. Nobody will stop talking about Romo muffing the snap, but what people don’t talk about, is his presence of mind to get up, run and almost gain the first down. Most other quarterbacks would have never even made it up off their knees. Then the talk was “can he overcome that disastrous let down and not let that affect his play?” Well, we saw what he did last season, and what he could have done in the post season, had Patrick “I run my mouth, even though I’m awful” Crayton not let him down.

Lastly, Romo is a cavalier son-of-a-bitch, yet he never makes throws those awful interceptions that make you scratch your head. Behind a sub par offensive line, Romo still manages to make it look like he rarely gets pressured, but that is far from the case. Romo sees more pressure than Brady, Manning and Palmer ever do, but his athleticism, instincts, and three and a half years marinating on the bench before his first start have turned him into the most important player on Dallas’ offense.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Owens, he’s probably my favorite player in the league. However, there is a handful (maybe two) of receivers you could put in his place and Dallas’ offense would still be lethal. I think you could plug in; Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne, Chad Johnson, Braylon Edwards, Plaxico Burress, Anquan Boldin, Andre Johnson, Marques Colston and Greg Jennings (really, don’t laugh the kid is big play) and still have what amounts to a top 5 offensive unit in the league. UNDERSTAND, I AM NOT SAYING THESE GUYS ARE AS GOOD AS OWENS (well Moss is), I’m saying Dallas could still be a top 5 offense with these guys, very different statements.Contrast that to the fact that Romo is the only quarterback (maybe a healthy McNabb, a-k-a the mythical unicorn; oft described, yet never seen) that can hide the lacunas that exist in Dallas’ pass protection. So you can keep hating him, because the media is all on his member, or because he vacations with Jessica Simpson, or because he’s a Cowboy, but one thing you cannot say is that Romo has not earned the on-field accolades he has received. Without Romo, the Cowboys are in the cellar of the NFC East, which for those of you who rep teams in other (weaker) divisions and don’t know, that’s 8-8. So just sit back and bask in the radiance of the rise of the Romo Empire, and don’t be like those haters on the other side hating him because he’s beautiful.